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Job Location

Solihull, UK

Published By

Samantha Barnes

Type of Job



From £24,000 to £32,000 per annum

Published Date

2 December 2020 at 18:30:00

About the job

Our client is currently looking for an experienced or recently graduated full-time MSK physiotherapist to join their rapidly growing team. In this role you will be helping the practice to continue to grow and provide a world class physiotherapy service to patients in the community. You must be an excellent team player and be able to work in a fast-paced environment demonstrating extraordinary attention to detail.

The successful candidate will love working with patients and will genuinely want to make a difference to all patient’s health and well-being. You must want to work in a physiotherapist role with a bit of a difference whilst broadening your experience and skill set.

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who:

  • prefers to work in a private, smaller and more friendly setting

  • Wants to work one on one with patients and not see more than 1-2 patients per hour

  • Is able to work in a fast-paced and performance measured environment

  • Wants to work at a company where you can learn about many aspects of physical therapy and develop your hands on, team and communication skills

  • Is extremely detail-oriented, organised and has a systematic approach to achieving success whilst working with a like-minded, supportive and friendly team

  • Likes the idea of working for a smaller but rapidly growing company where your ideas and contributions directly impact the company’s success, direction and growth.

  • Is a quick, self-motivated learner who wants to work for a company that will invest in their education.

  • Wants a position that will offer upward earning and career advancement; we want people who are interested in growth, learning and becoming part of a team on a long-term basis. This is very important.

Responsibilities and Activities:

  • Do everything possible to get the best outcome for every patient

  • Ensure that patients achieve their clinical and health/lifestyle outcomes (in the time frame you set)

  • Develop a life-long relationship with patients that benefits both the patient and the clinic

  • Confidently communicate the value of the clinics services and your skills during the conversation about price

  • Ensure that 95% of your patients arrive for their treatment as scheduled

  • Provide a high level of customer care that will make patients want to come back frequently

  • Increase referrals by providing a high level of customer care and service to all of your patients

  • Ensure that patients coming for free taster/discovery sessions convert to a first evaluation (when appropriate)

  • Ensure that every patient completes a plan of care that they agree to

  • Ensure that clinical notes are kept up to date and accurate

  • Participate in, contribute to, and help to develop the in-house educational training program that is provided to all physical therapists

  • Assist in the production of in-clinic workshops, trade shows and other marketing events. Be on hand to participate in and contribute to the clinics social media activity

  • Do patient call backs, using your own initiative and be willing to speak to patients who have dropped off schedule

Skills Required:

  • Above average physiotherapy skills that will be developed continuously

  • World class communication skills that are developed continuously

  • To be an effective communicator so patients can confidently say yes to a full plan of care that is in the interest of their health and lifestyle

  • Accountable – you’re happy to be held accountable and willing to be coached to improve every aspect of your role

  • To be able to engage with and connect with patients on a personal and clinical level

  • Ability to thrive in an environment where measurement is the driving force behind progress

  • Deep understanding of patients internal and external needs

  • Excellent organisational, time management and problem-solving skills.

  • Excellent attention to detail

  • Ability to work under deadlines and on schedule

  • Ability to plan work so that it is completed on time


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